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patented technology

Coffee roasting in a fluid bedCoffee roasting

The most innovative roasting method

The idea of creating a roaster which will enable us to look at the roasting process from a different viewpoint was born two and a half years ago in Seatle where Coffee and Tea event took place. When we saw how machines for preparing popcorn were used we were inspired. Is there a technology which will allow us to roast coffee beans with quality we really want?

We then decided to create something new in coffee roasting industry. Our starting point has become AIR! Hot air stream does the roasting in Typhoon machines. Coffee beans are mixed delicately in so called fluid bed. This effect is caused by proportional location of boiling hotbeds between which interaction of coffee beans also takes place. Roasted coffee beans are heated consistently all over their surfaces at the expense of an intensive hot air stream flow. No metal dependency, only hot air. These are the very conditions which allow immediate roasting without long momentum or delay.

Super intensive

Touch-free bean heatingTouch-free


Coffee quality often depends on basic roaster parameters such as power, acceleration capability and heat momentum. What can you do with a batch if you have a coffee roaster featuring improved power parameters, incredible acceleration capabilities and almost no heat momentum?

Anything you want! Thanks to the immediate feedback provided by the system you can bring to life the most incredible temperature profiles for coffee roasting. This system allows avoiding great momentum of heated coffee beans which is the main problem of drum roasters made with cast iron or other heat-consuming materials which create great momentum. Typhoon Roasters does not require metal to roast coffee, the main source of heating is air which almost has no heat-consumption and momentum attributes. We strive to create the system which will enable roaster master to bring to life any dreams possible. Typhoon profile creation goes as if you write music – your success depends only on your feelings and fantasy.


Less defects on roasted coffee beansLess defects


Multiple times did we compare the two major approaches to roasting – a traditional one which involves contact of metal with coffee beans and non-contact Typhoon way. As a result, Typhoon roasting produces comparatively less defects and more consistency due to absence of overheated coffee surface.

Charring, tipping, craters, cracks and scorching of coffee bean surface and crease have become common conditions during roasting. A technologist can’t put up with such defects in our opinion. Even the slight flaw in a coffee bean may influence coffee’s taste and purity in a cup. This is why, when developing a new way of roasting we tried to prevent coffee beans from a direct contact with metal and from roasting inconsistency. Temperature in Typhoon roasting chamber is 100 C less than in a traditional drum roaster, roasting of one batch takes less time with no metal contact which reduces defects drastically. Just imagine a coffee bean in a state of constant levitation with the air moving all around the bean heating the whole surface consistently. The heat then goes right to the center of the coffee bean, the whole process called as “roasting in a fluid bed”.


Control over the roasting processControl

"Typhoon PROFILE SYSTEM 2.0"

While roasting coffee professionally, one cannot do without constant control, that is, without a system which could register changes and immediately correct roasting process. We have managed to created such the system!

The unique management module system which is directly inbuilt into the coffee roaster is your multifunctional assistant which allows you not only to control dozens of different processes during roasting but also to create your personal roasting profiles! I like the fact that I can play with different roasting profiles and invent something new while be not attached to the heat momentum of the product under roasting process and long feedback. You want to simply draw the very curve according to which your batch will be roasted , you can easily correct it, make slight changes and see what happens to coffee beans. You are like “May be, I should raise the temperature on 5 points at the fifth minute and shorten the drying stage a little bit to take coffee out earlier?”. That’s how you create dozens of different profiles for each coffee variety, save your roasting profile history and keep you roasting log to make your result better with each day! Typhoon Profile System provides you with a huge range of settings! She will empower you to create a roasting profile in a mood which you usually compose a masterpiece; you only depend on you fantasy and feelings. You are confident that your roaster will precisely turn into reality each demand of yours.

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