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New dimension in
coffee roasting
with Typhoon coffee

Typhoon 7 kg creation has started in 2013 when our task was to develop a unique coffee roaster which

would incorporate all best findings in fluid-bed coffee roasters industry. Many of our own technological

solutions have been discovered in collaboration with roaster master gurus from Russia, USA and


As a result, we have manufactured a coffee roaster which perfectly meets requirements for Specialty

coffee roasting. Now, Typhoon Roaster is associated with a consistent coffee roasting, high working

stability, easy approach to cleansing and maintenance as well as with the European quality level.

More about us
Typhoon Roasters
Typhoon 2kg shoproaster

Typhoon 2kg shoproaster is what a professional roaster master needs for perfect roasts of small

batches of coffee. This model incorporates mobility and a wide range of functions while

communicating the style of your coffee shop or production.

2 kg
Roast time
5-8 min
10 kg/h
Heat source
electric heaters
Typhoon 7 kg hybrid

What is better, a drum traditional roaster or a fluid-bed coffee roaster? Typhoon 7 kg Hybrid can be both drum and 100% fluid-bed with you choosing the most preferential type by yourself. This is a revolution in coffee roasting industry!

7 kg
Roast time
7-10 min
30 kg/h
Heat source
Typhoon 2kg shoproaster
Turn your coffeeshop into roastery
Tech specifications
Typhoon 7 kg hybrid
Typhoon 7 kg hybrid
Tech specifications
High quality assembly
The equipment is handmade and tested in accordance with the highest standards for quality and safety control. Our engineering staff is working meticulously to choose components and spare parts for further manufacturing.
Fluid-bed coffee roasting
We have rethought the traditional fluid-bed way of roasting and came up with the innovative line of Typhoon models roasting according to the US patented technology. Never before was it possible to roast coffee with this level of consistency, stability and cleanness.
Download software for free
As we hold it, the up-to-date technologies must be accessible for free and that’s why we ship each coffee roaster with a free pack of software for automatic profile roasting.
10 years experience
The first Typhoon roaster was built in 2009 and then demonstrated at a Seattle exhibition in the US. So far, we have made multiple technical upgrades and sold over 60 Typhoon models.
Innovative technologies
Our task was to resolve classical issues with coffee roasting which are present with traditional drum roasting. We are happy to say that we have achieved easy maintenance for our machines as well as efficient energy consumption, almost ideal roasting consistency and stability.
Each unique detail
Make your coffee roaster unforgettable! Customize frame, door and panels in your favorite colors while ordering your company logo for laser printing.
Our technologies have been
patented in the USA
Our customers about us
Eugene Shot
Coffee Bravos roastery CEO, based in Ryazan, Russia
We have been wholesale selling coffee for 4 years and initially rented Germany-made coffee roasters. When we arrived at the point for launching our own roastery, we faced two options. Number one, we could buy an imported equipment which would cost a pretty penny. Number two, we could choose from the ones offered on a local market place. When we bought Typhoon roaster, we never regretted our decision. These are the coffee roasters which represent the best correlation between quality and price.
Юрий Стальмахов
Роустмастер в компании "SORSO di espresso", основатель академии Barista.by в Минске.
Честно говоря, впервые услышав о ростерах «Тайфун» был настроен слегка скептически, но был искренне и по настоящему удивлён возможностями «Тайфуна». Достаточно подобрать подходящий профиль один раз, и в дальнейшем просто получать абсолютно одинаковый результат. Поражает и количество вариантов (профилей), точнее сказать они практически могут быть любыми. Лично я доволен и работой ростера, и полученным результатом. Кофе получился чистым по вкусу, равномерным по внешнему виду.
Владимир Шамаев
Специалист международного уровня, автор многочисленных статей и публикация о кофе
Когда я впервые увидел ростеры «Тайфун» на московской выставке, то был весьма впечатлён! Сам принцип обжарки кофе, который используется в этих машинах, показался мне революционным. С позволения инженеров компании я провел тщательный сравнительный анализ профильных ростеров «Тайфун» с классическими барабанными, в результате которого выявил ряд преимуществ, помогающих решать большинство стандартных проблем, связанных с обжаркой кофе.

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